How trevor and his team take care of business and how the pest control warranty works

Trevor and his team are quite efficient and, dare we say, quite successful at what they do. Given that they’ve just accumulated ten years of pest control experience, this should not be surprising. This is how trevor and his team take care of business and this is how their famed pest control warranty works. It is, by now, standard business practice for the majority of pest control companies to offer their client base a warranty on the services they have provided.

Trevor and his team are no different. But one wonders just how often they are called upon to observe this warranty. What happens is this. If within the period of the warranty, generally a year, pests or bugs that were apparently treated return to the home or place of business, the team will return a technician free of charge to do the pest control service all over again. When things like this happen, you have to understand that it is not always the fault of the pest control company when pests return, or new infestations occur.

Bushy areas nearby places of business or residential areas harbor large populations of insects which can easily make its way to said areas of human habitation or business where easier prey is found. Wooded areas, it goes without saying, are a particular dwelling place for termites which are, as they say, a huge bugbear for old freestanding homes that are built with wood. Regular servicing and inspections for termite infestations are recommended for such homes.

trevor and his team

Part of the service entails making the human environments as unattractive to pests as possible by way of using both chemical and organic insect repellants in and around the home or business.